Sunday, April 24, 2016

Shop Local!

I drew out this design months ago, and my dream of having it on t shirts has finally come true! The shirts are organic, and hand screenprinted by Jade, our mom, and me! Right now it only comes in women's, but men's are on the way. If you want to get one, just hop on over to my etsy!
Thanks for reading, and I hope to be updating this blog with garden-related things soon.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Gardening Terminology

It is finally starting to be time to plant some early crops! Jade and I have been planning out the garden layout for the past few weeks, and today we started planting. But, as we start to get to work on the actual garden, I realize that I have no idea what he is talking about most of the time. Having never really gardened before, many of the words and phrases he uses are over my head, So, to help myself, and maybe others who are interested in gardening but don't quite know the lingo, I made this. 

There will be updates on our crops and everything soon to come! Stay tuned. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Peek Into the Cold Frames

Sorry for our lack of activity the last few weeks. There has been lots of snow, and we haven't had a whole lot of growth lately. We did have a nice weekend, and some time to check out what's going on in the cold frames that Jade built himself. There is some lettuce coming up, and above is
my watercolor representation of it. We have more to come, I promise!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Food Of the New Year

Today Jade and I harvested his first crop of the year: spinach from his little greenhouse. We ate it all already, and it was so much fresher than any of the stuff you can buy in the store, and luckily there is more to come. Stay tuned for more art and plants! 

What's Growing

It may be early January, but that hasn't stopped Jade from keeping some plants growing. He has lemon seedlings under his grow light, spinach in the greenhouse, beets in the garden (hopefully they'll winter over!) and rosemary also under the grow light. This is a water color doodle I did of all of those plants. We are excited to see how this all turns out! As of right now we are trying to get our footing with this blog. We will try to keep our posts weekly. Thanks for checking it out, and come back soon to see more!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

An Introduction

This video (hopefully) explains everything you need to know about this website, but just in case it didn't, or you got bored watching it, here's a little bit more information:

My younger brother Jade considers himself to be a gardener. His room is overflowing with plants, he got a greenhouse for his birthday this year, and his bookshelf is inhabited by different gardening books, most of which are over my head. Jade is only 12, yet he knows more about gardening than many adults. It is pretty impressive, but he is not the type of person to share about it, so that is one function of this blog.

I, on the other hand, consider myself an artist. I do not have the green thumb my brother was gifted, yet my hands know exactly what to do when there is a pencil in them. And, coincidentally, one of my favorite things to illustrate happens to be plants. So, another function would be to share all of my plant art.

With the help of the live models Jade provides for me (his plants), and my illustrations, this site will not only serve as a place for us to share our talents, but to keep track of both of our growth over time.